Cheating Spouse


Cheating Spouse

Marital and Domestic Surveillance
You’ve seen the signs: a sudden shift in the amount of time they spend at work, increased Internet usage, a need for persoal space, hours and phone calls that can’t be accounted for, increased irritability at home, and so many other indicators which give you cause to wonder, “Is he/she seeing someone else?”
Let our investigators find the answers you need, so that you can make a sound decision whether

Signs of a cheating spouse or partner

• Increased need for personal space or private time
• Sudden changes in clothing, hairstyle, jewelry, cologne/perfume, etc.
• Increased internet use, deleted browser history, social networking sites
• More time spent on cell phone, text messages, etc.
• Unexplained changes in spouse’s/partner’s schedule
• More time spent away from home
• Personality or behavior changes
• Changes in spouse’s sexual habits or appetites

• Restlessness or boredom with relationship, home life
• Unusual charges on credit card statements, unexplained receipts
• Emotional distance
• Defensiveness
• Increase in vehicle mileage

• Spouse/partner develops new interests, tastes, preferences
• Clothing smells of tobacco, alcohol, perfume
• Spouse/partner increasingly uses cash
• A strong feeling that something just isn’t right
• Spouse/partner finds fault with everything you do

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